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Next Gen Games Increase Xbox 360 Failure Rates

 |  |  |  |  |  August 29, 2006

A couple of months back, I posted about my concerns that my Xbox 360 had overheated and died as a result of the next-gen game Prey. Now Kotaku is reporting about an Xbox 360 developer who reported an esimated 30-50% failure rate on Xbox 360s used in the testing games, with even higher failure rates on the zombie-killer Dead Rising.

It’s common sense that the more resource intensive a game is, the more heat it will generate. The sheer number of reports of Xbox 360 failures due to heat is certainly higher than most devices, and I personally never had a console die prior to owning an Xbox 360.

That all said, a $16.99 investment in a Nyko Intercooler is all you need to avoid such an ugly and tragic death of your system.