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Turn Your Walls Into a Starfield

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 18, 2007

Sick of the same four white walls? This new projection gadget might just help you make that room a little less drab. The Laser Stars Projector will take a plain white room and turn it into a twinkling, ever changing starfield (assuming you turn off the lights.)

ThinkGeek Laser Stars Projector

The 10-inch tall projector uses a bright green laser and other holographic tricks to create a panorama of thousands of stars. The stars and clouds are constantly changing, creating a truly unique visual effect. When placed properly in your room, its beam is wide enough to cover several walls and an entire ceiling (in a small room). There’s also an option to turn adjust the intensity (or turn off) simulated blue vapor clouds, completing the effect. The Laser Stars Projector is available now for around $180.