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Rumor Alert: New Wii-Mote Controller in the Works?

January 23, 2007

Wiimote ControllerNow this is what I call a truly third-hand rumor…

MaxConsole is reporting that GameFront is saying that an article in Japanese Game Labo magazine claims that Nintendo is working on a new remote controller for the Wii gaming console. The new controller is rumored to offer an improved grip and built-in rechargeable batteries, and is supposed to appear in Japan this Summer.

The current Wii-mote control certainly could use a rechargeable battery, and it would be nice for it to be a little less slippery. That said, if you’ don’t feel like waiting to find out if this rumor is true, you might want to check out Nyko’s Wii charging solution which takes care of both of these problems, and is definitely in the works.