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Popcatcher Musicdock Cuts Commercials and Talk From Broadcasts

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 24, 2007

If you’ve ever wanted to record FM broadcasts to your MP3 player, but didn’t want the commercials or talk in between songs, today is your lucky day.

PopCatcher Music Dock

The new PopCatcher MusicDock MD-601 is a portable MP3 player and a standalone FM-radio dock that can capture FM broadcasts to MP3, commercial-free. The dock automatically discerns music from talk and commercials, then records only the music to the MP3 player. Tracks are cleanly extracted in 192 kbps format, and can be easily transferred to your PC or other media player. The PopCatcher costs roughly $214 USD and is well worth a look for DRM-haters everywhere.

According to this review on Scandanavian tech site, Prylfeber, the system is reported to work as advertised, although it doesn’t provide an easy way to automatically assign track information.

[via Gizmodo]