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Get the Final Wii Opera Browser for Free

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  April 12, 2007

Nintendo today released the final version of the Opera web browser for the Wii. Even though the browser was expected to cost a few bucks, Nintendo is giving it away for free for a limited time.

Wii Opera Browser

The latest version features a variety of improvements, including:

  • Startup time decreased by 5 seconds
  • Improved zooming and new scrolling interface
  • An improved zoomed font leaves text crisp at all levels
  • Quicker access to “favorites”
  • An ability to auto-hide the toolbar
  • Search button on the toolbar
  • Buttons that will instantly type common preset URL text, such as “www” or “.com”
  • Improved website compatibility
  • Built-in search via Yahoo! or Google
  • Ability to view page security information
  • Option to delete cookies
  • New cursor animations and operation sounds
  • Built-in support manual
  • Parental Control support
  • Display cursors from multiple Wii remotes (only Player 1 can click)
  • Optional Internet content filter provided by Astaro (coming soon)

As long as you download the latest version from the Wii Shop Channel before July 2007, you’ll save yourself the 500 Wii Points (5 bucks).

[via videogamesblogger]