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Pico-Itx Mobos: Computers to Get Even Smaller

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  April 30, 2007

Just when you thought desktop PCs couldn’t get any smaller, VIA comes along and introduces an insanely tiny new x86 motherboard platform.

Pico ITX Motherboards by VIA

VIA’s ultra-mini Pico-ITX mainboards measure in at just under 3″ x 4″ – about 75% smaller than the Mini-ITX format. Initial models feature a unified VX700 chip which combines graphics processing, memory and device controllers on a single chip. The boards have VGA, Ethernet, SATA and ATA interfaces onboard, and support up to 4GB of DDR400/333 RAM. An optional daugtercard adds DVI, PS/2, USB and audio connectors.

The first boards built on the Pico-ITX platform cost around $300 each, and have started to ship this week.

[via Impress]