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Modern Flip Clock Updates an Old Standard

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  June 18, 2007

Remember those crummy old alarm clocks from the seventies that used numbers that flipped as the time changed? Dutch designer Wil van den Bos has reinvented the classic flip clock as a work of modern magnificence.

Will Vanden Vos Bomba Clock

For starters, the Bomba Alarm Clock has rid itself of those boring plain-Jane digits and updated them into a hip post-modern typeface. Then, by freeing the clock from its box, and exposing its inner-workings, the clock makes a truly dramatic statement. Add to the exposed gears and cogs a couple of blue/white LEDs to provide illumination, and you have one totally excellent clock for your desk.

I’m still looking for a U.S. importer for these, but for now, you can pick one up from Japan’s Visions Coax for ¥9975 (appx. $80 USD.)

[UPDATE 6/20/2007: I’ve managed to find these clocks right here in the U.S. from for just $68 each.]