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Spinning LED Clock Uses Image Persistence to Tell Time

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Written by Paul Strauss | June 23, 2007

By rapidly spinning a blade that contains an array of flashing LEDs, this wall clock tells time in a visually striking way.

Virtual Clock

A thin LED arm, loaded with 33 LEDs spins at 30 revolutions per second to create the illusion of a complete image. When the blade is spinning at full speed, it tricks your eyes into thinking there are nearly 8000 LEDs.

The clocks feature several display options including digital, analog and pendulum modes and can also display text messages with up to 240 characters. Plus, an included wireless remote lets to control the display settings from across the room.

Each unit is handmade from black and clear acrylic and features an ultra-quiet motor for spinning the LED blade. The clock is available from the Innovative Device eBay store in limited quantities starting around $100.