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Play Some Foosball While You Sip Your Starbucks

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 11, 2007

One of life’s great guilty pleasures has to be the classic table game of foosball. But how can you incorporate this pub favorite into your civilized modern lifestyle?

Foosball Coffee Table

The artisans over at Britain’s Trifle Design have the answer with this contemporary Offside Foosball Coffee Table. Each table is handmade from high quality materials including solid oak, stainless steel and a glass top where you can put your drinks.

Foosball Coffee Table

I especially dig the mirrored finish and sandblasted yardage lines on the playing field. I’d love one of these, but the price is a bit of an obstacle at £2999 (about $6062 USD), putting it out of reach of all but those of you with really deep pockets and money to burn.

For the rest of us, I guess we’re left to some divey sports bar or 1970’s rec room to play it ‘old school.’

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