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Q*Bert + Quilt = Quiltbert

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 16, 2007

Remember the expletive-spouting orange dude from 1980s arcade game, Q*bert? Well the strange little guy has now been immortalized in this awesome handmade video game quilt by Lenore, an artist over an Evil Mad Scientist Labs.

Q*Bert Quilt

She’s done a valiant job recreating the details of the game, including the game’s signature isometric diamond blocks you jumped on, those spinny colored escape platforms, and a couple of those weird enemies. Best of all, Lenore documented the construction process, so you can make your own too.

Actually, the best part of the design is the score of just 400 points, which is about as far as I ever got in this game before perishing from that stupid purple snake (his name was “Coily”, thanks WikiPedia!) @!#?@!

[via MAKE]