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Vestax S-1 Turntable Lets Djs Roam the Stage

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  August 27, 2007

Until now, Live DJs have been relegated to standing behind their turntables when they want to spin some tracks. This funky-looking controller from Vestax changes all that.

Vestax S-1 Premium Turntable Controller

Looking more like an uber-modern electric guitar than a turntable, the Vestax S-1 Premium lets DJs move around the stage just like other members of the band. By incorporating a 12-inch platter controller which operates a skip-proof CD/MP3 player, musicians can spin tunes complete with all the effects that they’re used to having on traditional turntable. There’s also a built-in sampler, but it’s limited to just 8 seconds of recording for some odd reason.

Vestax custom makes each S-1 Premium controller to order, and they sell for around $3000 each.

[photo via ScratchWorx]