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Dodecasub: 12-Sided Woofer Scores Massive Hit Points

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  September 6, 2007

I can definitely say I’ve never seen a subwoofer that looks quite like this one. Elemental Designs $2500 Dodecasub offers up ten individual ten-inch subwoofers in a single, geometrically striking package.

Elemental Designs Dodecasub Subwoofer

The enormous multi-element subwoofer looks like a giant twelve-sided die to me. And yes, even though there are just ten speakers, it really is a dodecahedron. It’s just that there are no speakers in the top or bottom two sides.

The Dodecasub can crank out 600-watts per speaker, for a total of 6000-watts of bone-rattling bass. Interestingly enough, the speaker is designed to maintain a very tight sweet-spot, confining the biggest boom to a relatively small area. There’s a video explaining the tech behind the speaker’s unique design here.

Still, if you’ve got this thing dialed all the way up to eleven, you still might end up rattling the nerves of your closest neighbors.

[via Audio Junkies]