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Lacie Golden Disk: It’s Getting Gold Outside

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  September 11, 2007

LaCie Golden Disk by Ora-ItoAh, Gold. Computer peripheral maker LaCie has really stepped up their game lately, working with world-renowned artists like Karim Rashid and Neil Poulton to help create some truly stunning accessories. Now they’ve enlisted the help of Ora-Ïto to come up with their latest creation, the Golden Disk.

Looking like a soft pillow of molten gold, the shiny hard drive enclosure is sure to draw stares the minute you place it on your desktop. LaCie is proving that accessories are no longer something you have to hide in under your desk.

The Lacie Golden Disk will retail starting at $189 for a 500GB USB-connected model. They expect to start shipping in late October.

If Donald Trump doesn’t outfit his offices with these, I’ll be very surprised.

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