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Tokyoflash Geomesh LED Watch: What Time is It Again?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  September 11, 2007

In keeping with tradition, Japanese watch importer TokyoFlash is getting set to release yet another watch that might require an advanced degree to read.

TokyoFlash Geomesh Digital Watch

Their new Geomesh watch has a grid of 27 colored LEDs concealed beneath a mirrored finish. Hours are indicated counting up the green vertical dots, while minutes are indicated on the horizontal ones. Sound simple, no? Now here’s where it gets a little more complex. Yellow horizontal dots indicate five-minute intervals and red horizontal dots indicate one-minute intervals. The watch above reads “9:29” but I kept coming up with “9:25” (until an astute reader pointed out the source of my mistake, see comments below) — but what’s four minutes between friends anyhow?

Maybe this chart will help sort things out.

TokyoFlash Geomesh Digital Watch Instructions

TokyoFlash Geomesh Digital Watch

In addition to the multi-colored version, expect white and blue LED models to drop as well — each with equally challenging display schemes. The ¥13,900 (appx. $121 USD) Geomesh should be arriving in the next couple of months. There’s more information over on the TokyoFlash website.

[via GeekAlerts]