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Clone Wars: iPod Nano Knock-Offs Under $50

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 7, 2007

I’ll start out by saying this. Steve Jobs and company will no longer like you if you buy one of these. But for those of you who are too stingy to drop $149 to $199 on a real iPod Nano, here’s a cheap Chinese knock-off that’s a dead ringer for Apple’s chunky little 3rd-generation media player.

DigitalRise iPod Nano Clone

The DigitalRise Nano III even goes so far as to steal part of its name from Apple’s popular player. As you’d expect, the cloned Nanos can handle MPEG-4 video, MP3 and WMA audio file formats. They also throw in an FM tuner, digital voice recorder, and e-book reader capabilities.

Unlike the real deal, the DigitalRise players only offer 1GB of storage (vs. Apple’s 4 to 8 gigs), and a 1.8″ color screen instead of the 2″ screen on Apple’s players. While the colors aren’t exactly the same, the fakes do offer an “all-metal” case, doing their best to look like the authentic ones.

At this point, they’re available in lots of 10 or more for just $49.95 each. So if you and 9 of your cheap-ass friends are looking for some stocking stuffers for the upcoming holidays, you can grab a case of ’em from ChinaGrabber.