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Weather Forecaster has Proximity-Sensing Display

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 8, 2007

The latest weather information station from Oregon Scientific uses infrared motion-sensing technology to automatically adjust its display based on your distance from the device.

Oregon Scientific Weather in Motion

When you’re on the other side of the room, the Weather In Motion displays the current time and day of week in large digits along with a 24-hour forecast icon. As you approach the unit, it automatically shifts to a more detailed display, with a smaller time readout, and more precise weather information including current indoor and outdoor temperatures along with a handy trend indicator.

If you decide the motion-sensor is too gimmicky for you, it also offers a continuous scrolling mode which smoothly transitions between the different information displays every 5 seconds. In addition to its weather information displays, the alarm clock automatically syncs to U.S. or European Atomic Clocks and adjusts for the new Daylight Savings Time standards.

The large reverse LCD screen also offers an on-demand backlight so you can easily read it in the dark. Outdoor weather conditions are gathered using an included battery-operated wireless module which works from up to 98 feet away.

The Weather In Motion retails for $65, but I was able to find it from online retailer Oregon Gadgets for just under $50.