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Urban Fidelity Planet Speakers Land on Earth

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 10, 2007

While the metal “planets” floating above these speaker cones may look a bit like disco balls, they actually serve a purpose. The spheres are designed to disperse sound in a perfect 360-degree soundfield.

Urban Fidelity Planet Speakers

Designer Markus Duevel is the mind behind the Urban Fidelity Planet Speakers. Duevel has been responsible for the design of acclaimed high-end speakers with which cost as much as $25,000. So it’s a pleasant surprise that the Planet speakers cost between $1295 and $1395 a pair.

Urban Fidelity Planet Speakers

On paper, the speakers sound as impressive as they look. The high-efficiency horn loaded tweeter, combined with the chrome reflection sphere should produce a massive sound image. While the 5.9″ woofer may not substitute for a standalone subwoofer, the speakers are designed to produce exceptional bass with extremely low distortion.

Urban Fidelity Planet Speakers

Each speaker cabinet has a pair of floor acoustic ports, which should help optimize low frequencies, even though the woofers are relatively small. The maker also claims that by mounting the speakers on top of the cabinet, they reduce distortion that can occur in typical side-mounted speaker configurations.

But lets face it — even if they didn’t sound good, they look amazing, and would surely be a conversation piece in any room.

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