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Roboboa Robotic Snake Comes to America

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 15, 2007

The latest robotic critter from RoboSapien creator WowWee is the reptilian Roboboa. The snake-like robot can roam along the floor and raises its front end up like a real Boa Constrictor.

WowWee Roboboa

The Roboboa not only can slither around thanks to its snake-like articulated body, it can serve a variety of fun an practical purposes too. The robot has electronic “vision” sensors which let it track and react to your movements. Thanks to an LED illuminated head, the boa can even be used as a movable desk lamp. It’s also got a built in alarm clock feature that’s sure to wake you from your deep slumber. Beyond its automated reactions, you can program your own custom sequences using an included 40-function remote control.

The robot has been available in Europe for a couple of weeks now, and can now be purchased in North America too. It’s $99 from the WowWee Online Shop.

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