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The Ultimate Guitar Hero Case Mod

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 15, 2007

Rocker/ Case Modder Kneivel put together this ingenious home arcade cabinet by taking a stack of Marshall amp cases and transforming them into a Guitar Hero themed gaming system.

Marshall Guitar Hero Case Mod by Kneivel

The system is made from 3 individual cabinets which can be disassembled in case he wants to taking the show on tour. Gaming is powered by a PlayStation 2, preloaded with all of the Guitar Hero games on the hard drive.

Marshall Guitar Hero Case Mod by Kneivel

The top cabinet has the left and right speakers as well as a cool backlit GH marquee, while the middle tier houses a heavyweight 27-inch Toshiba CRT.

Marshall Guitar Hero Case Mod by Kneivel

The bottom cabinet contains a Logitech Z2300 subwoofer for some serious low-end, as well as the PS2 system that powers the whole rig. Rock on with your bad self!

[ArcadeControls via SlashGear via Digg]