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Toshiba HD DVD Players at Wal-Mart for Under $99

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 1, 2007

According to this ad circular that’s floating around the web, your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart will be flooding the market with super discounted Toshiba high definition DVD players.

Wal-Mart Toshiba HD-DVD

After dropping the price on Toshiba’s HD-A2 HD DVD player to $199, there’s now an ad that shows an unbelievable price of $98.87. I’m sure this is a loss-leader for Wally World, but it’s still but it’s a clear sign that the HD DVD camp means business. As far as I know, the sale is a one-day only deal for this Friday (November 2, 2007 starting at 8am), but I wouldn’t doubt that the regular retail price for these players drops close to this level as the holidays approach.

With the cheapest Blu-Ray players running around $400 (on sale), these kind of aggressive discounts will help HD DVD gain ground on what was a losing battle up until now.

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