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Analog Gauge Reveals Power Supply Vital Signs

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 5, 2007

This gauge connects to your computer to reveal critical information about your PC’s current operating conditions. Rather than modern digital readouts, the Gigabyte Visual USB Gauge uses a good, old fashioned analog gauge to relay the current state of your computer’s power supply.

Visuals USB Gauge by Gigabyte

Designed specifically for use with Gigabyte’s Odin GT power supplies, the gauge plugs into your computer’s USB port and can tell you about the power supply’s current operating temperature, wattage consumption and fan speed. Just press one of the three LED illuminated buttons on the face of the device to quickly switch between the three measurement types.

If you’re into overclocking your PC for maximum performance, and you happen to be using the right power supply, this looks like a pretty cool add-on.

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