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Remote Control Cars Send Passengers Flying

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 17, 2007

What fun are toy cars if you can’t smash them together and cause little car crashes? These new r/c cars encourage reckless driving by sending their occupants into the sky when they hit. No airbags here, just flying little men, spiraling through the air to an untimely demise.

Remote Control Stock Cars

Buttons on the sides of each car automatically trigger ejector seats that make its passengers and driver go airborne on contact. A carefully placed side impact should propel two of the occupants, but it’ll take a serious rollover wreck to get all four of them out and eating the pavement.

Each car comes with an RF wireless remote control and is propelled by AA batteries. A pair of the crashing stock cars costs £24.99 (appx. $44.98 USD) over on I Want One Of Those.