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Tiny Projector Fits in Your Pocket

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 20, 2007

While a number of companies are working on miniature video projection technology, every one I’ve seen is still just at the prototype stage. While it’s not as tiny as some of the designs being shown by TI, Microvision and Explay, these projectors are actually available for purchase.

Oculon Hikari Pro920 Pocket Projector

China’s Oculon has revealed their new pocket-sized Hikari Pro920 projectors. Available in both VGA ($299) and SVGA ($399) models, the pair can crank out a front-projected image onto any white surface. Don’t expect to run your home theater with one of these, though. They’re designed to project very small images (12-inches diagonal from 1 foot, 24-inches from 1 meter), and brightness drops of pretty dramatically at any size larger than that.

Still, if you’re looking for the smallest projector you can buy today, these are worth a look.

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