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Speakers Not Worth the Paper They’re Printed on

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 30, 2007

Now I’ve seen some cheap speakers in my days, but even the chintziest ones I’ve seen were at least made out of plastic. Not these. These ones are fabricated from thick paper stock.

Xenics Music Cube Cardboard Speakers

Xenics Music Cube M speakers offer up some truly low-fidelity sound thanks to their flimsy cardboard construction. Heck, they don’t even come assembled. You have to carefully fold the paper boxes and insert all the little tabs to but them together.

Xenics Music Cube Cardboard Speakers

Once complete, they’re not likely to crank out much, since they’re not even amplified. You simply plug them in to your MP3 player’s headphone jack, and that’s all the power you’ll get. All that, and a frequency response range that’s probably not much better than your typical cordless phone.

If you’re really dying for the novelty of paper speakers, you’ll need to do a little translation, since it looks they’re only currently available in Korea.