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Vholdr Sports Camera Gets the 360-Degree Treatment

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 10, 2007

What do you get when you combine a skateboard wheel, a length of PVC pipe, a driveway marker, a handful of screws, a bolt, washers and nuts, and some Gorilla Tape? Not much, until you throw an awesome new wearable camcorder in the mix. Then, you have one crazy POV video camera system.

vholdr camera

That’s exactly what happened when Olympic Snowboarder Graham Watanabe hooked up with the guys who came up with the rugged new VholdR outdoor camera from Twenty20.

Using a design that would make MacGyver proud, the improvised “Granthony Cam” (named for Graham and Twenty20’s Anthony Godoy) screws on top of Watanabe’s helmet as he snowboards downhill, capturing a wild, 360-degree video effect that not only gives you a great sense of motion, but is also some of the wildest camera work this side of a Raising Arizona. The 2 minute video clip is definitely worth a watch, so be sure to check it out.

The VholdR camera at the heart of the rig comes encased in a rugged anodized aluminum shell, and is splash proof, dust proof and dirt proof. Designed to mount just about anywhere, the camera is perfect for sports-nuts or anyone else who wants to capture action video in challenging locations. The whole lens and image sensor can even rotate up to 192-degrees together, and a pair of lasers automatically guide the camera to frame the image properly. The company even offers specially-designed mounts for helmets, bikes, goggles and roll bars… but I still prefer the ingenuity of the Granthony Cam.

At $350, it’s not the cheapest digital video camera out there, but you also wouldn’t want to strap your mom’s HandyCam to your head and go jump out of an airplane with it on.