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Zetalink Nixie Tube Clocks Offer Funky Fonts

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 11, 2007

This wouldn’t be the first Nixie tube clock I’ve ever seen, but it sure offers some different display options than the typical numeric display they usually feature. Raymond Weisling’s GeekKlok not only can display time using traditional digits, it offers custom “fonts” which can tell time using special characters.

Zeta Nixie Clock Example

The GeekKlok comes in kit form, and can display 50 different character sets including everything from Roman numerals to Arabic to Chinese, Japanese and even Klingon. Time can even be displayed using special animated digits.

Zeta Nixie Clock Example

Kits range in price from $124 to $169, depending on the version, and if you want the parts already soldered on. Keep in mind that the kits only come with the PCB and electronics to drive the clock. You’ll need to dig up your own Nixie tubes and sockets (with a little guidance from the Zetalink guys), as well as a power supply.

And for those of you who want to know the current time in Klingon...

[via MAKE]