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Giant NES Controller Conceals Pc [Case Mod]

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 12, 2007

It’s kind of funny that this isn’t the first giant NES controller story I’ve covered. The last one I wrote about was a mammoth controller which could actually play games. This time, we’ve got the same monster controller concept, but beneath the hood dwells a completely functional PC.

Giant NES Controller Case Mod

Giant NES Controller Case Mod

Built as a school project by students over in Sweden, the system was assembled from painted sheets of Lexan, along with vacu-formed plastic “buttons”, and hand-cut vinyl appliqu├ęs to complete the look.

Giant NES Controller Case Mod

The team had a total budget of only 1500 Kronor (appx. $300 USD) to put it all together, so it’s just that much more impressive, given the paltry sum they had to work with. There’s a detailed photo gallery of the construction of the case here.

[via TechPowerUp]