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Seiko Discus Watch: Let the Spinning Wheels Spin

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  December 30, 2007

This gorgeous new watch from Seiko Japan uses a series of spinning aluminum discs to display the current time.

seiko moving image discus watch

Unlike some of the more cryptic modern watches coming out of Japan these days, the Seiko Discus is actually quite easy to read. A set of three numbered discs continuously rotate to display hours, minutes and seconds. The wheels are are partially masked by a frosted glass face with a clear glass window highlighting the current time. If you can’t figure that out, a tiny pair of green arrows on the glass make it even more obvious what time it is.

The Discus is part of Seiko’s Moving Image series, a line of automatic timepieces with decidedly contemporary styling. It’s available in two versions: one with a stainless body and white face, and another with a black metal body and a smoked glass face.

While the Discus is not officially for sale in North America, I was able to find a couple over on eBay, priced at about $890 each.