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Computer Cases Get Faces

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 15, 2008

Now I know many of you out there are holding your breath with anticipation of the next slick industrial design to come out of Apple at this week’s MacWorld show, but while you guys wait, I came across this unique computer design that I actually thought was worth a mention.

Ross McBride PC Face Concept

Product designer Ross McBride created this concept for a tower PC, giving the computer a persona that brings back memories of the first time I booted up a Macintosh and saw the Happy Mac face. McBride describes the bold blue computer simply by stating “We ascribe personalities to our computers anyway. Why not go all the way?”

Now comes the sad face. The design is currently stowed away in the designer’s “idea” file, and it doesn’t appear that he has plans to produce these. Too bad. I’d love to see an entire server room filled with these, all with different facial expressions.