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Turn Your Tv Into a Huge Mood Light

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 23, 2008

Sure, you could drop over a grand on a Philips Ambilight television if you want your TV to set a mood, or you can also turn any television into a giant glowing ambient light for just the cost of a single DVD.

Color Light DVD by kyouei

Created by Japan’s Kyouei Design, this minimal DVD contains a rainbow of soothing colors that you can display on your TV screen. It’s perfect for all those times you’re not engrossed in the latest episode of America’s Next Great Biggest 5th Grade Loser, or when you’re completely fed up with the writers’ strike.

Color Light DVD by kyouei

The Color Light DVD offers a truly mellow light show, gradually dissolving through its spectrum of colors in about 20 minutes. I’m already chilling out just looking at the pictures, so I can only imagine how sleep-inducing this would be in my darkened living room.

The disc is available from the designboom shop for $19 (plus $7 shipping). [FYI, the disc isn’t region-encoded, so it should play anywhere in the world.]