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Chrome and Shiny Metal iMacs on the Way

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Written by Paul Strauss | February 2, 2008

The guys over at Computer Choppers (who previously gave us the gold-plated MacBook Pro and the digg casemod) have a new trick up their sleeves. Working their secret alchemy, they’ve managed to coat the matte aluminum surfaces of Apple’s latest 24-inch iMacs with shiny chrome and other metallic platings.

iMac Chrome

The Choppers plan on offering over a dozen different plating options, including gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum and more. (Can I get mine plated in Illudium Q-36? Please?)

iMac Chrome

If you’re interested in giving your iMac its own shiny metal ass so it can tell you to bite it, head on over to this contact form. Now if they’d only work some of their wizardry to get rid of those annoying URL watermarks all over their photos so we could see what they really look like. Thanks to Alex over at Computer Choppers for the updated photos!

[via BornRich]