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Tetris Afghan Crochet Keeps You Toasty

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  February 17, 2008

What better way to keep the chill out during a round of Oscilloscope Tetris than to snuggle up under a matching Tetris Afghan throw?

Tetris Afghan Throw

Crocheted by Flickr member SheriB626, the handmade throw is plenty big enough to cover up even the most die-hard couch potato. Sheri describes the intricately crafted blanket as “My most epic project to date. Made for someone I loved very much, who then broke my heart. The only thing I asked him to give back was this. Damn straight.”

It’s a sad tale of love, loss, heartbreak and video games… and of course Sheri gets extra points for using my favorite word, “Epic”. Sheri, I’m sure there’s a dedicated Tetris fan somewhere out there who will truly appreciate your efforts and never leave you for Columns or Lumines.