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USB Parrot: Polly Wanna Laptop?

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Written by Paul Strauss | February 28, 2008

Can’t get enough of the sound of your own voice? This desktop bird plugs into your PC and parrots back what it hears.

USB Talking Parrot

The electronic parrot offers up an array of random phrases, plucked from the words it overhears, all the while gesticulating its mechanical wings. Just plug Polly into your computer’s USB port, and your fine feathered friend will get to yackin’ and flappin’ toot sweet. You can grab these birds from Thumbs Up UK for £19.99 (appx. $39 USD).

I’d love to get my hands on a bunch of these to recreate Disney’s Tiki Room in my cubicle.

Damn, now I can’t get that song out of my head.