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Pac-Man Gets Stuffed

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 7, 2008

Who says arcade cabinets need to be made out of wood and metal? Why can’t they be soft and squishy? That’s what this crafter thought when she created this fun plush Pac-Man machine.

Pac-Man Stuffed Arcade Machine by Lady Harvatine

Created by Lady Harvatine, the stuffed arcade machine captures the spirit of some of my fondest arcade memories. Inspired by these most excellent papercraft arcade creations, she set off to create her own unique spin on the arcade classic. The centerpiece of the squishy system has to be the piece of retro Pac-Man fabric that a friend of hers scrounged up for the screen.

Pac-Man Stuffed Arcade Machine by Lady Harvatine

Affectionately known as “Pac-y”, the plush arcade machine has a stuffed joystick and two coin slots that actually will eat your coins (there’s a zipper in the back that lets you retrieve your money).

The machine is the first of the Lady’s “Harvacade” collection. I’m hoping for some Donkey Kong or Dig Dug next.