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IPhone LEGO-Touch: Millions of Bricks in Your Pocket

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 11, 2008

With all the buzz about the new iPhone SDK, all kinds of nifty applications are starting to crawl out of the woodwork. Of all the coming programs, this LEGO construction concept application has to be one of my favorites.

LEGO Touch for iPhone

LEGO Touch for iPhone

Designed by Nicholas G Panas of play /, LEGO-touch will let you build virtual LEGO creations using a large catalog of basic building blocks. Using the iPhone’s multi-touch display, you can easily grab blocks and assemble them into just about any shape you can imagine. A slick user interface lets you easily zoom in and rotate your designs, and easily apply any color in the spectrum to each of your blocks.


In addition to the basic block construction kit, Nicholas’ concept will let share your designs over the Internet. You can even create your own Mii-like avatar using those familiar LEGO block people. One of my favorite features is the ability to challenge your online friends to a LEGO “build-off”.

LEGO Touch for iPhone Avatar Editor

While you don’t get the tactile experience of holding real LEGO blocks in your hands, you do get the advantage of being able to carry all your creations in your pocket wherever you go. Plus, you never have to worry about running out of blocks.

LEGO Touch for iPhone Coverflow View

play/ is currently working to launch the LEGO-touch concept into software production. Be sure to head on over to their website to check out their high quality Flash-based demonstration.

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