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Make Your Psp Glow in the Dark

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Written by Paul Strauss | May 6, 2008

These replacement covers for the Sony PSP give the portable console an ethereal glow. Just place your PSP in daylight for a few minutes, and then switch off the lights and watch your system glow.

XCM Magic Night Glow PSP Face Plate

The XCM Magic Night Glow face plate attaches onto the front of your Sony PSP (slim model only), and look totally different when the lights are off than on. Take this one for instance. In the daylight, it gives your PSP a nice tomato red finish.

XCM PSP Glow Face Red

But shut off the lights, and it has an orangy-yellow glow. Cool.

XCM Magic Night Glow PSP Yellow Faceplate

The face plates come in a variety of colors, including pearl, yellow, blue, red, green, and pink — most of which glow in a surprisingly different hue when in the dark.

XCM Glow PSP Colors

I couldn’t find a price for these suckers yet, but I’m betting they’ll be around $25 each. You should be able pre-order XCM Magic Night Glow covers for the PSP from our friends over at Extreme-Mods any day now.