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Classic iMac + Vhs Deck = Ivhs [Casemod]

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Written by Paul Strauss | May 9, 2008

Back in its day, the design of the classic iMac was pretty groundbreaking. Sure, by today’s standards, the original iMac was a little bulbous, but did it really deserve this punishment?

iVHS iMac Casemod

The mutant offspring of an old G3 iMac and a VHS deck, Cory Baker’s iVHS casemod is one of the ugliest Mac designs I’ve ever seen. Heck, even the original iBook toilet seat design was more attractive.

iVHS Casemod

I guess the only good news here is that this bastard child didn’t get its start as an actual iMac. Cory actually purchased an a la carte iMac motherboard off of eBay (for about 20 bucks) and modded it to fit into the case of his old VHS deck. With the addition of an ATX power supply, a few cables, a VGA connector and some electrical tape, this Frankenstein’s monster of a Macintosh was born.

At least he could have used a Betamax deck, couldn’t he?