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Humanoid Robot Learns to Make an Omelet

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Written by Karen M. | May 22, 2008

There seems to be an ever-mounting pile of evidence that leads me to believe that robots really ARE going to take over the world. This video series of a super snappy Fujitsu robot learning to make an omelet is definitely not quelling my fears! Interestingly, the human “teacher” uses a Wii remote to guide the training.

Robot Cooking

This robot, known as the HOAP-3, is part of the Humanoid for Open Architecture Platform and is sponsored by the EU’s Cogniron project, whose mission is to “develop cognitive robots whose ‘purpose in life’ would be to serve humans as assistants or ‘companions’.”

When they hand him the big chef’s knife, though… yikes. As he chops the ham, my head swims with visions of robot overlords crushing the human rebellion with their cleavers. Maybe it’s his flashy light-up eyes and his insanely creepy voice, but I have to ask, is it just me? Or does he seem really, really evil?

Here’s the good news. Even though this robot is pretty sharp- I think his vocabulary is bigger than mine, and his whisking skills aren’t too shabby- he can’t even crack his own eggs. And let’s be honest, HOAP-3 is slow as molasses. Irona, Rosie, and all the other cartoon robot maids were a heckuva lot more efficient. I’m just sayin’.

[via Loving The Machine]