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Control Your Tv With Your Watch; Look Like a Dork

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Written by Karen M. | May 23, 2008

This really attractive (ahem) digital watch comes with a remote control that you can use to control your TV. Because who wants to use a remote control when you can use this watch instead? It makes perfect sense! It seems this is just the next logical step that cheap-o watch manufacturers were forced to take when the calculator watch went out of vogue.

Remote Control Watch

My absolute favorite thing about this device is actually not the watch itself, nor the fact that it only costs $7.25, but rather this bit of marketing jargon on the website, that says “[it] appears to be a normal watch with metal belt, but it’s really a remote control.” Really? It appears to be a normal watch? To who, exactly? Someone standing a mile away? Because that big old remote control tumor-lookin’ thing on the side there is kind of ruining the “normal watch” thing for me.

Remote Control Watch views

If you want to get really snazzy, for less than 2 bucks more you can go for this watch that controls your not just your TV, but also your DVD player, VCR, Satellite, and more- or you can get this touchscreen remote control watch, that not only controls everything under the sun, but is also cheaper. Regardless, we all know that until they make a watch that allows you to set your TiVo to record “Lost” on Thursday at 9:59 PM, when you’re miles away from home and sinking into your 3rd beer- they’ve got nothin’.