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8-Bit Nintendo Does Music Videos

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Written by Paul Strauss | May 30, 2008

While these brief musical interludes won’t win any prizes for their sweeping cinematography, they do win a place in my heart for being put together using some good old fashioned 8-bit gaming technology.

8-bit music videos on nintendo famicom

Created using a combination of retro console art (inspired by, but probably not actually created on an NES) and blips and beeps courtesy of the 8-bit Nintendo-powered FamiTracker, these mini videos do a great job embodying the spirit of these musicians, even if they are just represented as chunky blocks of pixels.

Animated by 72RK, these clever clips feature short and sweet music videos of classic acts like New Order, Michael Jackson, the Ramones and even Portishead. There are a bunch of other lesser known Japanese acts in the complete collection, but they’re all worth a watch.