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Space Intruderz Lamps Sure Look Like Invaders to Me

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Written by Paul Strauss | June 5, 2008

In a not-too-obvious attempt to avoid a cease and desist letter from Taito’s copyright attorneys, these fun video game inspired lamps go by the nom de plume “Space Intruderz”, rather than the “Invaders” moniker more befitting these pixelated luminaires.

Space Intruderz Lamps by Unison Idea Studio

But what’s in a name, really? Even if you are a stickler for factory-authorized products, these lamps are just too cool to pass up if you’ve got a serious retro-gaming obsession like me.

Space Intruderz are the brainchild of Yensen Páez and Chilean design shop Unison Idea Studio. And while it was difficult to find any details on where to purchase these lamps, a little bird told me they retail for around 23,500 Chilean Pesos (just under $48 bucks each). For more information on ordering, you’ll have to reach out to Unison via e-mail.

[via MoCo Loco]