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Show Your Duck Hunt Love With the NES Light Gun Cuff

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  June 7, 2008

What better way to literally wear your (Duck Hunt-smitten) heart on your sleeve than with this vinyl NES Light Gun cuff?

NES Light Gun Cuff

You can purchase this sexy/nerdy item from bettydeath on Etsy for 20 bucks. She’s clearly a little quirky. For example, in the item description she busts out with the following paragraph: “If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me! I do have cats, but I keep them away from the fabrics/craft area.” Uh… non sequitur much? Still, it goes without saying that it would take an idiosyncratic lass to think up such a clever equation like: vinyl+velcro+NES zapper = must have fashion accessory.

NES Light Cuff red and grey

Yes, it’s true- you can own this thing and show the world you dominate all that is zappable and holy! That sniggering hunting dog will no longer laugh at you… now YOU can laugh at HIM because you’ll look so cool. Except that your TV probably won’t even work with an old Nintendo machine, and your copy of Duck Hunt from when you were 12 is probably a little dusty. Also, he’s not real. He’s a cartoon video game dog, and a really pixelated one at that. Get over it already. I know I have, and it only took like 8 years of therapy.