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Wowwee Flytech Bladestar R/C Copter Hits the Skies

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Written by Paul Strauss | June 28, 2008

WowWee’s new FlyTech Bladestar is a crazy looking flying machine which lifts itself using a helicopter-like spinning rotor, hovering through your living room with ease.

Flytech Bladestar by WowWee

But the real cool factor is a special autopilot mode which lets the Bladestar atuomatically avoid ceilings and other obstacles. Heck, you can even steer it by waving your hands in front of it. If you’d rather have more precise control over your flyer, just use the included digital IR remote control.

Thanks to the multi-channel remote system, you can even fly two Bladestars at the same time and take down your friend in Dogfight mode. It’s all made from a durable crash-resistant materials, and safe to fly indoors.


The spinning blade design sort of reminds me of those annoying Manhacks from Half-Life 2. Unfortunately, these ones don’t have deadly metal saw blades mounted on them. Oh well.

Still, they do look pretty cool even if they won’t decapitate your enemies. You can get your hands on the Flytech Bladestar over on Amazon for just under $50 bucks.

[Flytech Bladestar]