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Decorating Do: Numeric Keypad Chairs Arranged in Order

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Written by Karen M. | June 30, 2008

I have no idea what the story is behind this set of numeric keypad/calculator chairs is, but I do know I think it’s super cool!

Numeric Keyboard Chair

I wish so badly that I could explain the rationale behind this or tell you whether or not it’s concept art or a commercial product, but I still haven’t learned how to read Japanese characters. (Note to self: learn how to read Japanese characters.) I can tell you that it comes from Pantograph, whose website has lots of other odd an unexplainable objects on display.

You’d need a pretty big living room to pull this off, since they really look their best when they’re all together in their “official” arrangement. But if you did pull this off, I mean, shoot. I’d totally come to your party.

[via misterstarfish]