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Mini Cooper USB Memory Even Smaller Than the Real Thing

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Written by Paul Strauss | July 3, 2008

If you thought the Mini Cooper was small enough already, get a load of these Mini Mini Cooper flash memory devices.

Austin Mini USB Drive

The Mini drives are the latest wacky USB devices to hit the streets. Each one is a 1:48 scale replica of an actual Mini. And just like a real Mini, you won’t be able to fit your luggage in there – but you will be able to store thousands of images, MP3s or a couple of videos.

Mini Cooper USB Flash Memory

And if the car flash drive wasn’t cool enough, check out what happens when you dock it with your computer. The headlights light up! Sweet.

Austin Mini USB Drive

If you’re wondering why the ones in the images above don’t look like today’s Minis, that’s because Vavolo will be shipping a variety of designs, including the retro Austin Mini pictured above, a rally Mini and (my personal favorite) a Mini police car, designed for transporting really tiny criminals.

Rally and Police Mini USB Drives

Expect the Mini USB Flash drives to ship this August from Vavolo.