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What Mario Eats for Dinner: the 1-Up Mushroom Burger

 |  |  |  |  |  |  July 3, 2008

In case you’re looking to geek out your 4th of July BBQ, here’s an idea for you- make mushroom burgers that look like the 1-up mushrooms in Super Mario Bros. After all of the Mario-themed cakes and cupcakes and whatnot, it’s refreshing to see someone branch out into the savory realm.

Mario Burger

Instructables user momo! created this masterpiece and describes the process right here. She dyed the bun with food coloring and made the spots out of mozzarella circles.

Mario Burger Buns

What I like about this most is that the burger is actually a mushroom burger so it doesn’t just look like a 1-up mushroom, it tastes like one too. Of course if you’re more of a traditionalist you could go with cow flesh and just top it with some mushrooms. Regardless, I think a plate of spotty green buns would be a definite head-turner at any event. Especially if you happen to wear overalls, a cap, and an oversized mustache.

[via CraftyCrafty]