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Steampunk Mouse Looks Like Something Out of Dune

 |  |  |  |  |  |  July 16, 2008

How’d you like a mouse like this connected to your PC? Looking like a mix between an electric shaver and some sort of mini tank, this Steampunk pointer definitely stands out from the pack (or more accurately in the case of mice, it’s actually known as a “mischief” – go figure).

Steampunk Lolcat w Mouse

The Russian-built contraption got its start as a basic black Genius Mouse. But thanks to intricate brass and leather(?) embellishment, the mouse is pretty much unrecognizable from its original state.

Steampunk Mouse

Another nice detail is the braided, cloth covered USB cable.

Steampunk Mouse

The top of the mouse pops open to reveal some sort of screened contraption, and I’m not really sure what purpose that serves.

Steampunk Mouse

For some reason, this thing doesn’t look very ergonomically friendly, what with all lumpy bumpy surfaces protruding from the top. But then again, I never saw the word “comfortable” anywhere in the definition of Steampunk.

[Modding.RU via Steampunk Workshop via MAKE]