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USB Chinese Bbq Looks Delicious, but Inedible

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Written by Paul Strauss | July 24, 2008

We seem to have a food theme going this morning. After you nosh on an appetizer of some Lego sushi, why not fill up your belly with some USB BBQ?

These goofy USB flash memory devices are disguised to look like crispy, delicious Chinese BBQ. Available in chicken wing, drum stick, and BBQ pork “flavors”, you definitely don’t want to bite into one of these if you have any interest in keeping the teeth in your mouth.

USB Chinese BBQ Memory

And even if your choppers could tear through their rubbery exterior, you’d probably have a pretty tough time stomaching the metal USB connector and the silicon circuitry inside.

USB Chinese BBQ Pork Memory

As long as you can resist putting these in your mouth, you can store up to 4GB of files on each one. They’re available from Brando for $28 each – not including steamed rice.