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Cuddle Up With This Fleece Galaga Fighter Pillow

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Written by Karen M. | July 26, 2008

This Galaga pillow is sure to liven up your bedtime by adding a touch of pew pew pew! to your nightly ritual.

The fleece pillow is handmade by CrazyOwl and sports a fighter from one of the mostest awesomest video games of all time, Galaga. It can be yours from Etsy for a mere $8. Oh CrazyOwl, you should really value your time more highly. That pillow is worth at least $8.50!

The pillow is “made in a smoke and pet-free home” which is good news if the last thing you ordered from Etsy was coated in cat hair and ash and triggered an anaphylactic reaction and hives. That totally happened to me. OK not really, but once I did get an Etsy purchase that smelled weirdly like Pine-Sol. Tragic but true. I’m still in therapy about it, thanks for asking.

P.S. If you would rather play Galaga than merely hug its fleecy stand-in, then you can play it in Firefox by downloading FireNes, or you can go for this janky online version (amusingly called “Galaca.”) I don’t recommend the phony Nintendo online version because it crashed my computer like 8 times, but maybe you like to live dangerously.