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Your Old Hard Drives Reborn as Wind Chimes

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Written by Karen M. | July 28, 2008

Do you have loads of old hard drives laying around your house? Do you love the sweet tinny tones of wind chimes clinkity clinking on your back porch? If so, this is a great project for you- you can turn your old, unused or crashed hard drives into this set of aluminum wind chimes.

To learn how to make your very own set, check out this instructional video. Spoiler alert: he opens up hard drives, takes them apart, and makes them into wind chimes.

My favorite part of the video is when he refers to one of his trashed hard drives as an “IBM scuzzy ultrastar.” Is that the official name? It turns out not to be so “scuzzy” when it yields “a whopping six platters!” This guy has an infectious enthusiasm for hard drives of all shapes and sizes. I like him! The wind chimes, meh, not so much.

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